Alex Meneses - Details


Alex Meneses is headed for a breakthrough year. She will star in an upcoming Paul Schrader film, she's making a return appearance on the number-one television comedy on the air and stars in the revival of a hit play.
Meneses recently finished production on Sony Classics' "Auto Focus" (Fall 2002). She will play Emily, the
ex-Playboy bunny who sends "Hogan's Heroes" star Bob Crane to the dark side –- which eventually leads to his murder.
Meneses is currently starring with Maria Conchita Alonso in Neil Simon's revival of "The Odd Couple" at the Geffen Playhouse. The 2002 version of the play changes the ethnicity of Oscar and Felix's neighbor sisters to Spanish.
Last season, Meneses starred in the premiere of "Everybody Loves Raymond," a special episode in which the entire family travels to Italy. She portrayed Stefania, the "gelato girl" that Robert (Brad Garrett) falls in love with. Her performance drew so much fan mail that she returned to the show earlier last year, and appeared again on episodes this season. The role garnered her a 2002 ALMA Award nomination as Best Supporting Actress in a Television Series.
She also had a recurring role last season as a Harvard-educated tutor on "The Hughley's."
Meneses was inspired to pursue a career in acting after seeing another Latina, Rita Moreno, in "West Side Story." Meneses was a dancer for 14 years, taking lessons and eventually teaching (beginning at age 12) at her aunt’s dance studio in Illinois.
Meneses got an agent while she was still in high school in Chicago and began going on commercial auditions. During
the summers, she was a part of the acclaimed "Second City" improv program. Then, at age 16, she landed her first feature film role in Steven Seagal’s "Above the Law." She was to play a feisty prostitute and had to ask her father how to say the swear words, but her part was cut.
After high school, she traveled to Europe to model –- living in Italy and Greece. She then moved to New York and later Los Angeles. Roles in films and television materialized almost immediately upon her return to the States.
Her feature credits include "The Flintstone’s Viva Rock Vegas" and "Selena" as well as the independent films "Kissing Miranda" and "Living in Peril."
Meneses’ television credits include "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman," "Friends," "Bob Patterson," "Dharma & Greg" and "The John Larroquette Show." She also starred on the Showtime series "Sherman Oaks" and in the Showtime telefilm "The Princess and The Barrio Boy."
In her spare time, Meneses enjoys hiking, cooking, rollerblading and traveling home to Chicago to see her eight nieces and nephews.