Date: 3rd November 2011

Lohan jailed for 30 days

Lindsay Lohan was given a 30-day jail term, but will likely only spend one or two days behind bars because of California's chronic prison overcrowding, officials said.

In addition the 25-year-old former child star will be able to fulfill a contract with Playboy for a nude photo shoot before surrendering herself to jailers for a night by next week.

The 25-year-old admitted that she failed to complete court-ordered community service stemming from her recent theft misdemeanour case, in which she pleaded no contest to shoplifting a necklace in January.

Judge Stephanie Sautner has now given Lohan until November 9 to surrender herself so that she can complete a lucrative shoot for the adult magazine.

Lohan's $1m (626,000) session with Playboy must apparently be completed this week or else she will be in breach of contract.

Lohan will likely only be required to serve six days of her sentence due to overcrowding, but officials from the LA Sherriff's Department claimed to the website that she will "be out of prison without even having to change her clothes", as is standard with short-term misdemeanour convictions.

The actress, wearing a black vintage dress, was ordered to return to court on December 14, after which she must attend roughly monthly court appointments to verify she is fulfilling the terms of the ruling.

"If you do all that, then this jail time (270 days) will be permanently stayed," said the judge, describing her ruling as "putting the keys to the jail in the defendant's pockets."

Lohan was sentenced to 35 days of house arrest in May, as part of a plea bargain over the alleged theft of a $2,500 necklace from a jewelry shop near her home in Venice Beach.

Sautner ruled at that time that the starlet had violated her probation for a 2007 drug and drunk driving offense when she allegedly stole the necklace on January 22.

Lohan has been jailed several times in recent years, but has usually managed to be released within hours for procedural reasons.

This time appears to be no exception, as the Sheriff's Department said the actress will likely serve no more than a day or two behind bars.

Source: Press Release