Date: 26th March 2002

Fans Boo Britney At Premiere

Singer Britney Spears was booed by disappointed fans after she rushed past them at the London premiere of debut film Crossroads (2002) last night (25th March 2002). The Lucky star, 20, arrived an hour late, stepping out of her limousine holding hands with co-star Anson Mount and running into the Odeon Leiccester Square cinema.

Devotees had been waiting for hours to see their pop idol and were devastated as Britney, flanked by bodyguards, could only manage a wave before she entered the cinema. As Britney disappeared into the Odeon, 3,000 fans started booing and jeering to express their anger.

Youngsters were hoping the singer would sign autographs as Tom Cruise and PenÚlope Cruz had done during the London premiere of Vanilla Sky in January (2002). Jane Willis, mother of 11-year-old Gemma, says, "Gemma is crying her eyes out. This is disgusting. How does Britney expect people to see her film if she can't be bothered to speak to the youngsters who buy her records?" Paul Young, 18, moans, "She's not done herself a big favour. Everyone here was a fan, but she's turned round and slapped them in the face."

Source: WENN