Date: 19th March 2002

Nicole: I'm Terrified Of Cameras

Nicole Kidman suffers panic attacks whenever she's at film premieres - because she's so scared of cameras. The leggy Australian redhead is a hit in front of the camera - she's nominated for an Oscar for her role in Moulin Rouge (2001) - but says when she's confronted with a bank of flashing lenses at glitzy events, she freezes.

She says, "I panic in front of all the cameras. My hands start shaking and I have trouble breathing. " And the admission explains why former husband Tom Cruise would always talk quietly to Kidman, 34, as they posed on the red carpet. "Tom would always whisper to me that everything was all right," she says.

In the interview with Vogue magazine, the actress admitted her split last year from Cruise hurt her - but also said her marriage had held her career back. She said, "Tom's career came first. Then, when we split up, everything changed."

Source: WENN



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