Date: 30th January 2002

Kournikova Upset At Witherspoon's Tennis Flick

REESE WITHERSPOON's new movie about a tennis player who loses her nerve mocks Russian sporting beauty Anna Kournikova. The sexy blonde, 21, - who is one of ladies tennis' highest earners despite limited success on court - is reported to be upset after hearing about the as yet untitled flick, which is said to be based on her, even though her name is not mentioned.

A film source is quoted in British tabloid the Daily Star as saying, "Anna is not happy with this film. There's a lot of jokes at her expense - everyone will know its supposed to be Anna. They'll all be laughing at her. " Witherspoon, who bears a striking resemblance to the athletic 21- year-old, will receive $8 million (5. 7 million) to star in the sporting movie.

Source: WENN