Date: 10th August 2001

Kidman Celebrates Divorce

Hollywood actress NICOLE KIDMAN shrieked with delight after signing papers ending her marriage to TOM CRUISE. The couple stunned Hollywood when they announced their split in February (01), a month before their tenth anniversary.

But Nicole was clearly happy that she is now a single woman when she emerged from her lawyer's office in Los Angeles, California yesterday (09AUG01). A friend of the actress says,

"The last few months have been hell for Nicole. She's delighted that it's finally over and she can get on with her life once again. She has had it with the millionaire film star lifestyle."

"That was the Tom Cruise way of living and Nicole wants to go in a very different direction now. She's glad to see the back of him. Nicole's her own boss now. She feels like she's free again. "

Although the divorce may be final, the bitter rows over the pair's money and property are certain to go on. At a court case due in October (01) the EYES WIDE SHUT stars will battle over their combined marital fortune, estimated at $322 million (230 million). (ACW/WNTMI/RP)

Source: WENN