Date: 21st June 2001

Calista Flockhart In Food Shocker

ALLY MCBEAL star CALISTA FLOCKHART had to placate diners by paying for their bill after her baby son's crying disturbed their lunch.

Skinny Calista, 36, was enjoying lunch at MAURO'S CAFE in Beverly Hills, America when her son LIAM started crying and refused to stop. She was then forced to pick up the bill of 24 diners in embarrassment - a total of $650 (GBP500).

In addition to this, Flockhart asked to take her meal home with her. An onlooker remarked: "She told the manager that she wanted to pay all the bills of the other diners sitting near her as a way of apologising for the disturbance. She paid all the bills and picked up the baby and her food before any customers realised that lunch was on her. "

The onlooker continued: "Everyone was surprised at her generosity when the manager informed them a couple of minutes after she had gone that she had paid for everything herself. There were about two dozen diners in the cafe and they enjoyed a free lunch on a TV star. "

Calista adopted Liam earlier this year (01) from a woman in New York, America - after being present at his birth. (ACW/WNTST/PDD)

Source: WENN