Date: 24th May 2001

Nicole Kidman's Stalker Denies Allegations

LATEST: NICOLE KIDMAN's alleged stalker MATTHEW HOOKER denies harassing the Hollywood beauty.

Hooker appeared at a Santa Monica Court this morning (23MAY01) for a hearing in which the judge ordered the restraining order against Hooker to stand for just one more week.

In that time, Kidman's lawyers say they will provide surveillance evidence of Hooker outside the home Kidman used to share with her estranged husband TOM CRUISE.

Hooker says, "I have never stalked anyone in my life, I have never threatened anyone in my life, that includes Nicole Kidman. I don't know why she has told these lies about me but they are very unjust. "I deny almost everything on the complaint. The only thing I did was I did meet her in person, which she has denied but there's no denying that, I was attracted to her. I wrote her a love poem, I wrote her a letter. I went by her house and asked to take her to the ballet and take her kids out for ice cream once. That's it. "There's no problem here I've not harassed or stalked anyone. All I know is I have never been angry, I've never been violent, I tried to meet a woman and date a woman. "

Hooker, who says he's running for president in 2004 and will be the world's first trillionaire continues, "I'm a gentleman and ladies, I'm a single man, a man who is going to go places in the world. If there are any woman out there who are interested in me beware I might just write a love poem about you. " (MB/WNV/ES)

Source: WENN