Date: 20th April 2001

Tom Green: I'm Joking, Drew Is Not Pregnant

LATEST: American comedian TOM GREEN has fooled the public again after admitting he was only joking when he said his wife DREW BARRYMORE was pregnant.

Green, well known for playing pranks on the public, told American TV chat show host JAY LENO on Wednesday (18APR01) that he and Barrymore were expecting their first child.

The CHARLIE'S ANGELS (2000) actress whispered the good news to him moments before he walked on stage to tape the show, Green alleged. But Green has now confessed that he made the whole thing up.

A statement released by his publicist EDDIE MICHAELS reads, "People always think I'm kidding about stuff. Jay and I were joking around and I thought the audience was in on it. "We are not pregnant now, but do hope to be blessed with children in the future."

The couple eloped a month ago (MAR01) after joking in public for some time about whether they were married or not. At one point, they had promised to wed on American TV show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. (RP/WNWCNT/KMW)

Source: WENN