Date: 13th February 2001

Banned Dicaprio Film From 1998 Opens In Berlin

An early LEONARDO DICAPRIO film which the star battled to keep under wraps premiered at the Berlin film festival on Saturday (10FEB01).

The black-and-white 1998 movie, DON'S PLUM, which cannot be sold or released in America or Canada, was made for $100,000 (66,666) and also features new Hollywood favourite TOBEY MAGUIRE.

The film, directed by R.D. ROBB, tells the tale of seven young people who meet to talk about sex, drugs and their dreams in a Los Angeles diner. The dialogue is mostly improvised. DiCaprio argues he never agreed to make a full-length feature film intended for theatrical release.

The dispute was settled last year (00) in a Los Angeles court, which ruled that the movie could not be released in North America but could be abroad. (KW/WNWCYA/RP)

Source: WENN