Date: 20th January 2001

Rough Start For Spiderman

SPIDERMAN star TOBEY MAGUIRE is cut and bruised thanks to wrestler RICKY `MACHO MAN' SAVAGE - and fans of the comic-book adaption are delighted.

The fighter plays BONE SAW McGRAW in wrestling scenes in the movie - and nearly 1,000 lucky Spiderman fans were given the chance to cheer on their hero against the tough bad guy during filming in Los Angeles yesterday (18JAN01).

Members of the public were invited to play the audience in scenes where Spiderman's alter-ego PETER PARKER tries out his super powers on the mean hardman. One fan on the set says, "It was really fierce and Tobey was using a stunt double whenever he could but he still had to take quite a pounding." (KL/WN/KW)

Source: WENN