Rock School (2005) - Synopsis

Everyone dreams of being a rock star - to feel the roar of the crowd; the adoration of the fans; and the trials of life on the road. One can only imagine fulfilling this fantasy as a kid. Well, leave your imagination at the door, and come live the dream through the students of Paul Green's School of Rock in the hilarious new feature documentary ROCK SCHOOL.

Do you love this song? Do you love Rock? Do you love... Satan?

These are the questions posed by Paul Green - owner, teacher and self-titled Überlord of ROCK SCHOOL. Green lives, breathes and sleeps Rock 'n' Roll. Passionate about his craft, his unorthodox teaching method involves habitually transforming himself from a calm and sensitive music teacher to a genuine "Monster of Rock". His outrageous outbursts and tantrums cause tears of both laughter and pain, but ultimately this is the story of a man whose heart beats to the drum of Rock 'n' Roll.

Leading his wide eyed and frequently terrified students with the hard-edged screaming sounds of rock and roll ROCK SCHOOL comes to an emotional climax when Paul Green's School of Rock travels to Germany to perform at a special festival, featuring outstanding legends such as Ike Willis and Napoleon Murphy Brock, and shows that the kids can rock with the very best of them.