Coldwater (2003) - Details


Coldwater is a quiet, close-knit town. Not much to do, everyone knows everyone and everything that goes on. It's been two years since seventeen-year-old Brad Lunders' father died and things haven¹t been the same since. Brad lives with his "dysfunctional" mother and step-father who, from his perspective, are too mixed up in their own problems to ever give him the attention he thinks he deserves. Brad and his friends have become famous for tagging cars, under-aged drinking and causing trouble, which lands them in hot water with the Coldwater Sheriff's Department more often then their families care to count. To make matters worse, Brad and his friends are framed by some local punks and caught with drugs. The boys are given their final warning in court. Coldwater's patience is put to the test when Brad instigates a drunken brawl with the local punks and his group of misfit friends. Before they know it, they've been sentenced to Hockley Ranch, a "scare-em-straight" camp by incensed authorities. Once there, they quickly get to know Colonel Morris Timberland who operates his camp more like a prison. But are his brutal tactics enough to bring Brad and his buddies down? The friends soon unite and make a promise that not only leads to many life-changing experiences, but to the shocking climax that will stay etched in your mind.