Mr. Id (2001) - Synopsis

Mr. Id (2001) - Synopsis ImageSex-addict maniacal hit-man Jack Maggot is contracted to kill the elusive Mr. Id. Along the way he encounters a rogues' gallery of thieves, bandits and whores. Some guide him on the right track, others steer him directly in the way of danger. Maggot plows through a maze of deceptions and lies, going from one bloody hit to another and stopping to pleasure any woman who asks for it along the way. Will Maggot be diverted straight into the grave or will he put down the bullets and stay out of bed long enough to solve the case?

"Mr. Id" is a dark and daring story that captivates viewers from the opening gun shots straight through to the shocking conclusion. Steve Parlavecchio ("Amongst Friends", "Bandwagon", "The First To Go", "Big City Blues", "Picket Fences") turns in the performance of his career as Jack Maggot, the vicious killer and ladies man. Helping him solve the case is his hooker girlfriend, Heather, played by Ami Dolenz ("Pumpkinhead 2", "Witchboard 2", "Ticks", "Demolition University", "She's Out Of Control"). Standing in his way ins a pair of bumbling cops, the husbands and boyfriends of the women he seduces, and the very bombshell who hired him in the first place, the beautiful and mysterious Lenore. Your heart will race as time ticks away and Jack Maggot discovers the jarring truth of...Mr. Id.