Martin Lawrence Live: Runteldat (2002) - Synopsis

Martin Lawrence Live: Runteldat (2002) - synopsis headingThe no-holds-barred documentary-style footage -- spiced with rousing rap music, Martin Lawrence’s own razor-sharp commentary and a glimpse of both his triumphs and setbacks -- is only the beginning. Next comes the blackout stage with only the Runteldat logo illuminated in the background and the sound of thousands of adoring fans shrieking and clapping in delight. And finally, as the anticipation mounts to a near-frenzied peak, the announcer booms: “Ladies and Gentleman….Martin Lawrence!”
A spotlight hits center stage where the man of the hour stands behind a screen surrounded by smoke. Slowly, the proverbial fog lifts to reveal Lawrence, who descends down a flight of stairs as he waves victory/peace signs…and then he flashes that devilish grin that has “Get ready for a wild ride” written all over it.

Yes, the controversial bad-boy of comedy definitely delivers a piercing look at his life, lifting the metaphorical smokescreen that he feels has clouded the public view, commenting on everything from the dangers of smoking to the trials of relationships, and unleashing a nonstop litany of raucous anecdotes, stinging social commentary and very personal reflections about life.