No Dogs Allowed (2002) - Details

No Dogs Allowed

No Dogs is a cool metaphor with a twist. Marko (David Stevens), a 27 year old hippie who finds bliss just smoking weed and watching the Discovery Channel, teams up with his unpretentious, "just say no", sports addict older brother "Tony the Plumber" (Dan Market). Both undauntedly take a sardonic, action-packed jaunt with plenty of gunplay and intrigue with an unforgettable cast of characters after Marko's trusting wife Ashe (Robyn Adamsom) discovers that these two deviants of social behavior have bet her entire life savings of 3,000 bucks on an NBA play-off game. This definitely delivers a remarkable mixture of explosive drama with wickedly ironical humor as you follow this eclectic story surrounding this tide-dyed, free spirited couple's showdown with a mysterious Faberge' egg and a seedy, well-woven cast of criminals that will both trill and amuse.


Adventure / Comedy / Crime / Drama

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