May (2002) - Synopsis

In the style of Brian De Palma's Carrie as well as a modern day tribute to Frankenstein, MAY is a chilling tale of a young woman's passion and obsession.

As the subject of constant ridicule from her peers and parents as a young girl, May retreats to a life of seclusion. Publicly outcast, she believes that her only true friend is the homemade doll given to her by her mother, a doll that she regularly consults for advice.

Now that she's an adult, her deeply rooted scars are manifested in vengeful behavior and she begins to unravel after continued failed attempts at companionship. The guy she loves dumps her, her lesbian lover cheats on her and her best friend is shattered by unkind school children. May now finds herself coveting body parts of the people she pursues for affection. With her old doll and best friend destroyed, May has no choice. If you can't find a friend, make one…

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