Beau Travail (2000) - Synopsis

Beau Travail (2000)

In Marseille, former sergeant-major Galoup (marvellously embodied by Denis Lavant) remembers his time in the French Foreign Legion on a desolate outpost somewhere in the Gulf of Djibouti. It was a regimented life that he enjoyed sharing with his men, where sculpted youthful soldiers spent their days playing war games and repairing roads.

Galoup's deep love for his tough commander Bruno (Michel Subor) is threatened when a new recruit attracts the attention of his commanding officer and disrupts the delicate balance of power. Sentain (Gregoire Cohn) is noble, innocent and adored by his comrades for his kindness. The enraged Galoup decides to put his rival out of action. The plan fails and Galoup is drummed out of the Foreign Legion and returns to Marseille.