Mediterraneo (1991) - Synopsis

It is the story of several Italian soldiers who are left to guard a Greek Island during the 2nd World war. The soldiers all come from different areas of Italy and different social backgrounds. Due to an accident they lose the use of their radio and the ship that left them on the island is sunk. They realise that no one elso knows that they are there and that they will have to fend for themselves. They search the island and gradually the local Greek population, who have previously been in hiding, reveal themselves. The soldiers gradually become assimilated into the Greek way of life. The humour comes from the diverse ways each of the characters choses to cope with the situation. Finally, after some years, an Italian pilot lands his plane on the Island and tells them that Italy has changes sides and there is a civil war in Italy. Some of the characters are keen to return to the new Italy, that is expected to be full of opportunites, but others wish to stay on the Island where life is uncomplicated and idylic. Eventually they are removed from the Island by the British. In the last minutes of the film we see the Island as it is today and the fate of the characters is revealed.
The film is gently humorous, with Italians making fun of the diverse national characteristic that occur within Italy. The sountrack is atmospheric and moving. Please can someone release it with subtitles.