Moms' Night Out : Movie Review

Mom’s Night Out is the first (and so far only) “Christian” movie that I could maybe, sort of, imagine a non-Christian enjoying. Not every non-Christian, certainly, Maybe not most. But some…and that’s progress after a fashion.

The reason I say that is that Mom’s Night Out is a Christian comedy that cares about being funny as well as being Christian. It succeeds at being the former, albeit more inconsistently than it does at being the latter. Truth is, though, comedy is hard to come by at the movies these days. There aren’t many that aren’t crass, “R” rated, and still not very funny, anyway. That’s why I suspect that so long as Christian comedies can be completely wholesome (no breasts and swear words) and even just a little funny, they could find a more sympathetic audience than Christian dramas.

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Author : Kenneth R. Morefield