Bears : Movie Review

I’m not sure if I was given Bears to review because I work with animals or not, but I knew I was going to hold it to high standards. I love bears. They are one of my favorite mammals, and it’s even cooler that they filmed Bears in one of my favorite places, Alaska. While I understood this movie probably wouldn’t have the same high level special effects like other films I’ve reviewed, I wasn’t going to let that stop me from enjoying an awesome eco film for kids. Somehow we all remain kids at heart, especially when it comes to animals, so I was looking forward to this film.

If you’ve ever seen one of DisneyNature’s animal movies, the film Bears fits the bill. It’s exactly as you would imagine. With a fine mix of natural history built for children under the age of 10, DisneyNature manages to fit in a fun story as well. The film introduces you to a mother brown bear and her cubs. Sky is a first time mother and the film showcases the epic journey she must endure in order to provide for them and keep them safe. She meets lots of hardships along her way, which, in my opinion, is important for every young child to experience. The film is full of cuteness with both impressionable cubs following Sky in tow. Amber and Scout make an interesting duo that every child could find enjoyable.

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Author : Jason Burleson