That Awkward Moment : Movie Review

A lewd, often crude romantic comedy about sex and relationships amongst a group of best friends in Manhattan, "That Awkward Moment" has been described in early press reports as the male equivalent of "Sex and the City." This is an inaccurate and, for that acclaimed Michael Patrick King series, mildly insulting comparison. Carrie Bradshaw and pals might have been learning about the joys, heartaches and frequent intricacies of love as they went along, but they still were smart ladies with thoughts, ideas and sympathetic viewpoints. The emotionally stunted guys in "That Awkward Moment" have nothing of substance to talk about and only the minimum number of brain cells necessary to physically function in the world. The film they are in—the dismal writing-directing debut of Tom Gormican—is equally moronic, a disingenuous 94-minute eye-roller featuring paper-thin human constructs doing things far beyond the realm of believable human behavior. Why, oh, why do so many studio pics of this ilk have to be so excruciatingly dumbed down? Is it really so difficult to write about people who seem, well, real?

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Author : Dustin Putman