Heat, The : Movie Review

Unless there is something pretty special about one of them to differentiate it from the spate, buddy-cop comedies are a dime a dozen, one of the most tired and derivative of all subgenres. "The Heat" is that rare exception, and it's all thanks to four people: director Paul Feig (2011's "Bridesmaids"), screenwriter Katie Dippold (alum of "MadTV," making her feature debut), and, most prominently, the heaven-made comedic duo that is Sandra Bullock (2009's "The Blind Side") and Melissa McCarthy (2013's "Identity Thief"). A film that's less about plot than situations and chemistry, Feig and Dippold intentionally devise a standard police procedural before coloring it up with the explosive interactions of its entertainingly disparate, night-and-day lead characters.

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Author : Dustin Putman