Rain : The Children

Rain (2002) - Synopsis imageRain is the story of a family, a reflection on childhood and on the passage from childhood to adulthood. Finding the right actors to play Janey and Jim was always going to be critical to the film's success. After an extensive search, Jeffs cast Alicia Fulford-Wierzbicki as teenager Janey, and Aaron Murphy as her little brother Jim. "The children stole the show," she says. "They were able to give of themselves completely through the process of making the film which is incredible."

Jeffs worked closely with the children to ensure that they understood the journey of their characters, and to find truthful ways for them to express that for the cameras. "The way I worked was to encourage their individuality and spirit to come across," she explains. Building trust with the children was essential. "It was important to allow the children to pace themselves," says Jeffs. "If Aaron said he couldn't do something I believed him totally."

"I want the audience to believe the children and go on a journey with them," says Jeffs. "The film is about families and certain scenes convey everyday detail that I hope people will respond to."

"It was fascinating watching how the adult actors and the children became a family on and off set," adds Campbell.

Janey's journey towards adulthood drives the film. Newcomer Alicia Fulford-Wierzbicki is extraordinary in the central role. "Janey's a very extreme character, and Alicia is a particularly balanced 14 year old," says Jeffs. "She had a strength, which allowed her to go on a weird journey with the character. At times it was tough for her, but she came through really well."

Scenes were shot in chronological order wherever possible, to help the story develop naturally. "In the film, you see Janey start off in one place and end up somewhere completely different," says Jeffs. "It was important that the film was shot in sequence which allowed that to happen for Alicia, so her journey developed," adds Toon.

Jeffs saw several hundred small boys, before scouting Aaron Murphy from a school close by the location. "Aaron is incredibly natural and incredibly clever," says Jeffs. "He was just waiting to show it off to the world."