Gone : Movie Review

Gone is a mystery/thriller that is neither mysterious nor thrilling and proves Amanda Seyfried is quite a ways off at becoming a leading lady of quality entertainment.

Here is a film with an interesting idea that goes nowhere. Fast. Seyfried stars as Jill, a survivor of an abduction who a year (and many prescribed pills) later returns home from a night shift to find her sister Molly (Emily Wickersham) has been abducted by the same man, out for revenge on the one that got away.

At least that’s what Jill thinks. You see, the police don’t buy Jill’s story of being kidnapped and imprisoned in a deep, dark hole somewhere is Portland’s vast Forrest Park, and her latest claims don’t have the fuzz scurrying to find Molly either.

So Jill takes it upon herself to find her sister and her abductee, as we are left to wonder: Is Jill right? Is she insane? Do we care either way?

Gone is directed by Brazilian filmmaker Heitor Dhalia, and like most international directors who have made there Hollywood debuts, Gone proves to be a throwaway movie which Dhalia does not have the tools to turn into something worth fretting over, with its initially intriguing mystery losing steam very quickly as Seyfried plods along from one clue to the next as 95 minutes feels like 3 hours.

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Author : Matthew Pejkovic