Super 8 : The MINT Kids of Super 8

Elle Fanning (Alice, the leading lady in both Super 8 and the kids short film within the film)
Like a young Kirsten Dunst.
Following in the Footsteps of her older sister, Dakota Fanning, the talented Elle Fanning has Hollywood’s full attention. She has already been cast in an array of films as a young supporting actress including I Am Sam to Babel. SUPER 8 is her first leading role, but seemingly will it not be her last. Funnily enough the main person she wants to work with is very close to home; ''I really want to work with my sister, ''At 13 years old, the pretty blonde Elle could be compared to a young Kirsten Dunst.

Joel Courtney (Joe, Super 8’s lead)
Like a young Christian Bale.
Fifteen year old Joes Courtney is a native Californian in his stand-out debut role as Joe Lamb in SUPER 8. He hadn’t acted at all when he went to L.A. Last to visit his brother to try and gain some auditions. ''I really wanted a commercial and $100, and I got SUPER 8!'' Joel brings a quiet strength to his character and powers the films strong emotional core. His career could blossom to mirror a similarly powerfully actor like Christian Bale.

Ryan Lee (Cary)
Like a young Neil Patrick Harris.
Born and raised in Austin, Texas SUPER 8 is Ryan Lee’s first major motion picture after starring in around 50 short films and TV guest spots. The fourteen year old funny man has a natural appeal that could be compared to ‘Doogie Houser MD’ cult star Neil Patrick Harris. As with all the actors, the movie had to be kept very secret. ''I didn't tell my grandma until two months in,'' says Lee. ''She would call and I'd be like, 'Yep, just chillin' in Austin.''' The must be proud of him now. And the charismatic young actor could have a long career ahead of him.

Gabriel Basso (Martin)
Like a young Robert Pattinson.
Already an experienced television actor, Gabriel Basso appears as Martin in SUPER 8. With Hollywood good looks, sixteen year old Gabriel could one day break through in Hollywood like leading man Robert Pattinson. Even though he has a supporting role in SUPER 8, he could well be destined for a bright acting future. On set he was legendary for giving exciting golf-buggie rides.

Zach Mills (Preston)
Like a young Elijah Wood.
There are some pivotal scenes that fifteen year old Zach Mills’ character has to carry in SUPER 8, and his curly locks and natural acting brings to mind a young Elijah Wood. Zach has been seen in a handful of films from Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, to Changeling, and Hollywoodland and has seemingly has a lot more exciting work to look forward to. He especially enjoyed making the zombie film-within-the-film during the film of SUPER 8. ''J.J. Let us write a lot of the scenes that we were in. It felt like we actually made that movie.''

Riley Griffiths (Charles)
Like a young Jerry O’Connell.
Starring in his first major motion picture at the ripe old age of fifteen, Riley Griffiths has been acting since the first grade when he was featured in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. He has the acting chops of a future Jerry O’Connell and has the audience in stitches over his one-liners and director-like antics. In real life Griffiths has an affinity for Shakespeare and prank-pulling. He is one funny young man on the rise.