Superman Returns : Superman Anthology 1978-2006

Title: Superman Anthology 1978-2006
Actors: Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder, Gene Hackman Brandon Routh, Kevin Spacey
Directors: Richard Donner, Richard Lester, Bryan Singer, Sidney J. Furie
Discs: 8
Rating: 12
Released: 13 Jun 2011
Run Time: 906 minutes

Superman, for me, has always been a guilty pleasure. The franchise began the same year as my franchise began. Superman on the big screen and me, we’re both over thirty years old. But believe me, you’ll feel young again when you see Superman in high definition.

There have been other blu-ray Superman releases, but until now there has never been a full collection - a definitive boxset. It came at a perfect time. It was a Sunday afternoon and I was wondering what to watch on TV when into my mind popped Superman. It’s a great Sunday afternoon watch isn’t it? Christopher Reeves as the man of steel? Has there ever been anyone else? Perhaps Nicolas Cage could have donned the iconic costume but that never really got past the dream stage and was Brandon Routh ever going to cut it? Sure he looked the part but the script let the film down.

Superman AnthologySo much has been said of Superman over the years that I feel that I am ill-equipped to say anything more, at least more informatively or eloquently. I’m a fan of the series, certainly, but by no means a Superman geek with an encyclopedic knowledge of the films, direction, acting, or the whole Superman franchise and the legends behind the film and the comics. But I don’t believe that is why you are reading this review. You know Superman inside out. You can probably quote lines from Superman. You don’t need me to tell you how the story goes. If you’re reading this review you probably have the Superman collection on various formats: VHS, DVD even some of the films in HD formats. You’re a collector and you want to know what the blu-ray version is like and what special features are on offer. Don’t worry. I’m going to tell you.

What I can tell you from re-watching the films on blu-ray (and I think that you already know that the best content on offer in this boxset is certainly the first two films) is that the new transfers are wonderful. Bright, colourful – just as Superman flying in his red and blue costume should be – and vivid, everything on blu-ray seems that little more real, a little more lifelike. The work done on these films is excellent. Compared with what you are likely to see on TV or DVD, the image and the sound is out of this world.

As for the special features, I’m sure you want to know more. This is after all I believe why most people will want to buy this boxset – firstly for the improved image and sound and then secondly for the bonus material. And there is plenty of it. Each film has its own commentary track and there are numerous mini-documentaries such as Look, Up In The Sky that discusses the entire franchise in detail. There are also several featurettes as well as an entire separate bonus disc. You’re certainly getting your money’s worth with this set. No doubt.

In all there are eight discs and talk about features that are special, you even get an extended version of the first film and a entirely different cut of the second film – the Richard Lester version and the Richard Donner version, all on their very own separate discs… no expense spared… no cramming more than one film onto a disc and no need to fiddle about with deleted scenes or branched versions of the film. You get to choose and this will certainly be a big talking point for franchise fans all with their own personal preferences of director and style.

When you watch Superman on Blu-ray you’ll really believe that a man can fly and this boxset will certainly be flying off the shelves.

Box Set Contents

Disc 1
• Superman: The Movie, Original Theatrical
• Commentary by Ilya Salkind and Pierre Spengler (Original Theatrical Version)
• The Making of Superman: The Movie 1978 TV special
• Superman and the Mole-Men 1951 feature
• Warner Bros. Cartoons
o Super-Rabbit 1943 WB cartoon
o Snafuperman 1944 WB cartoon
o Stupor Duck 1956 WB cartoon
• Trailers

Disc 2
• Superman: The Movie, Expanded Edition
• Commentary by Richard Donner and Tom Mankiewicz (Extended Version)
• Taking Flight: The Development of Superman
• Making Superman: Filming the Legend
• The Magic Behind the Cape
• Screen Tests
o Superman
o Lois Lane with Optional Commentary
o Ursa
• A Selection of Restored Scenes
• Additional Music Cues
o Main Titles
o Alternate Main Titles
o The Council’s Decision
o The Krypton Quake
o More Mugger/Introducing Otis
o Air Force One
o Can You Read My Mind (Pop Version)
• Music Only Track (Donner Cut)

Disc 3
• Superman II, Original Theatrical
• Commentary by Ilya Salkind and Pierre Spengler (Original Theatrical Version)
• The Making of Superman II 1980 TV special
• Deleted Scene
• First Flight: The Fleischer Superman Series
• Fleischer Studios’ Superman
o Superman
o The Mechanical Monsters
o Billion Dollar Limited
o The Arctic Giant
o The Bulleteers
o The Magnetic Telescope
o Electric Earthquake
o Volcano
o Terror on the Midway
• Theatrical Trailer

Disc 4
• Superman II – The Richard Donner Cut
• Commentary by Richard Donner and Tom Mankiewicz (Donner Cut)
• Introduction by Richard Donner
• Superman II: Restoring the Vision
• Deleted Scenes
• Famous Studios’ Superman
o Japoteurs
o Showdown
o Eleventh Hour
o Destruction, Inc
o The Mummy Strikes
o Jungle Drums
o The Underground World
o Secret Agent

Disc 5
• Superman III Theatrical Version
• Commentary by Iilya Salkind and Pierre Spengler
• The Making of Superman III (1983 TV Special)
• Deleted Scenes
• Theatrical Trailer

Disc 6
• Superman IV The Quest For Peace Theatrical Version
• Commentary by Mark Rosenthal
• Superman 50th Anniversary Special (1988 TV Special)
• Deleted Scenes
• Theatrical Trailer

Disc 7
• Superman Returns
o Requiem for Krypton: Making Superman Returns
o Pt. 1 Secret Origins and First Issues: Crystallizing Superman
o Pt. 2 The Crystal Method: Designing Superman
o Pt. 3 An Affinity for Beachfront Property: Shooting Superman- Superman on the Farm
o Pt. 4 An Affinity for Beachfront Property: Shooting Superman- Superman in the City
o Pt. 5 An Affinity for Beachfront Property: Shooting Superman- Superman in Peril
o Pt. 6 The Joy of Lex: Menacing Superman
o Pt. 7 He’s Always Around: Wrapping Superman
• Resurrecting Jor-El
• Deleted Scenes including the never-before-seen original opening to Superman Returns
• Bryan Singer’s Journals – Video production journals
• Trailers

Disc #8 Additional Bonus Material
• Look, Up in the Sky! The Amazing Story of Superman Hi-Def
• You Will Believe: The Cinematic Saga of Superman
o Pt. 1- Origin
o Pt. 2- Vision
o Pt. 3- Ascent
o Pt. 4- Crisis
o Pt. 5- Redemption
• The Science of Superman Hi-Def
• The Mythology of Superman
• The Heart of a Hero: A Tribute to Christopher Reeve
• The Adventures of Superpup 1958 TV pilot

Author : Kevin Stanley