Case 39 : Movie Review

There are two types of stars who appear in modern horror films. Those on the way up and those on the way down, which should tell you something about the state of Renée Zellweger's career.

It's a pity because the woman best known for playing Bridget Jones is a fine actress and, once again, makes middling material worth watching.

She plays industrious social worker Emily Jenkins who, after rescuing a 10-year-old girl from the parents who want to kill her, decides to foster the little poppet. Big mistake, for it's not long before her friends (including Ian McShane and The Hangover's Bradley Cooper) start meeting highly unpleasant ends.

It's all been done before, of course, and Case 39 is let down by too many of those jolting boo! moments, ropey special effects - check out a badly-animated hornet attack - plus a plot even casual horror fans can predict.

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Author : David Edwards