Killers : Movie Review

It's hard not to wonder if director Robert Luketic possesses some deep, dark secret about Katherine Heigl. How else could one explain Heigl's decision to reunite with the director who made her look so uncomfortably awful in the rom-com The Ugly Truth?

Killers is even worse.

In the film, Ashton Kutcher is Spencer Ames, some sort of superagent hitman extraordinaire (good guy, of course!) who encounters the recently dumped Jen Kornfeldt (Katherine Heigl) vacationing in Nice with her parents (massively underused Catherine O'Hara and Tom Selleck), who are relentlessly harassing their beautiful young daughter for yet another broken relationship because she is "unadventurous," a point this film is surely going to prove to be incorrect.

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Author : Richard Propes