Letters to God : Movie Review

It's a dilemma that few Christian filmmakers have yet solved, and it's a dilemma that continues to perplex even film critics of faith.

How does a filmmaker, or even can they, create a film that both glorifies God and is "market friendly" enough to be seen by a wider audience?

How does a film critic review a film that is simultaneously trying to do these very things, glorify God while attracting a wider audience, without appearing to be cynical, jaded or somehow "lacking" in faith?

Are these things even possible? Should they be possible?

Should Christian cinema necessarily be "market friendly?"

Should profits matter?

After all, there's no documentation I've ever read anywhere about Jesus charging $20 a head to hear his words of wisdom. Is the goal of Christian cinema to profit or to inspire? To fill the multiplexes or to potentially evangelize?

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Author : Richard Propes