Feel the Noise : Movie Review

“Feel the Noise” explores the heavy demands of crime, family, and the music business, and it seems intended for those who find “Hannah Montana” too challenging.

Rob (Omarion Grandberry) is an aspiring rapper in deep trouble with local New York hoodlums. Out of desperation, Rob’s mother sends him to Puerto Rico to keep out of trouble living with his father (Giancarlo Esposito). Once there, Rob is introduced by his half-brother Javi (Victor Rasuk) to the sounds of Reggaeton and the delights of local dancer Mimi (Melonie Diaz). When Rob and Javi team up to produce their own music, the pressures of the artistic process threaten to break them up, leaving Rob to either fight for his dream or fight to survive the streets.

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Author : Brian Orndorf