Heartbreak Kid, The : Movie Review

Combine the Farrelly Brothers (Bobby and Peter) with Ben Stiller, a Cameron Diaz lookalike, and a copious dose of bodily fluids in a raunchy romantic comedy, and what do you get? Not There's Something About Mary II, that's for sure, although that was probably the producers' hope. The Heartbreak Kid, while not without its share of tiny, ephemeral pleasures, is a surprisingly flat and unamusing comedy. The film skews toward the dark side, but black humor is often the most difficult to successfully capture and in this case the Farrellys (with a small army of screenwriters, working from the framework of a 1972 script penned by Neil Simon) don't get it right. The occasional laughs provided aren't frequent enough or uproarious enough to warrant an investment of nearly two hours of a viewer's time.

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Author : James Berardinelli