5ive Girls and Heartstopper DVDs

5ive Girls and Heartstopper, each released by Momentum Pictures on 29th January 2007, are guaranteed to provide more than enough sustenance for all those people who love to sit on the edge of the sofa, grimacing with pleasure at the shock, horror and gore that unfolds before them on the small screen.

So if you want your spine chilled to the core and your dreams filled with ghoulish nightmares, then look no further than 5ive Girls and Heartstopper, a double whammy of evil entertainment.

“The Craft meets The Exorcist in a spine-chilling demonic thriller – devilishly good!”
Dark Side

Five Girls DVDInnovative and sexy, 5ive Girls stars Ron Perlman (Hellboy) as the priest in charge of reforming a group of five wayward teenage girls who have been sent to a reformatory in order to learn how to lead a pure and normal life. Little does he know that the girls possess unique powers to battle an ancient demon. Unfortunately, the first things the girls learn is that some secrets should never get out.

Featuring excellent performances from a cast that also includes James Kidnie (D-Tox, Absolon), Jennifer Miller (Lucky Number Slevin), Terra Vnesa, Krysta Carter, and some classy cinematography, this high school horror features a diabolical twist as the group of sexy, fiery, mismatched girls unite to defeat an evil force. For a lesson in demon-ology, look no further.

“Innovative and sexy, it’s Buffy to the power of Five!”
David Miller, Shivers

“Heartstopper is one of the creepiest horror’s that we’ve come across in a long time. This film grabs you by the heart and never lets go.”

Just when you thought they didn’t make them like this anymore, Hellraiser and Alien special effects maestro Bob Keen presents a storming, blood-soaked, old-school horror with Heartstopper.

Starring the master of horror, Robert Englund (A Nightmare on Elm Street, 2001 Maniacs), Meredith Henderson (Queer as Folk) and Nathan Stephenson, Heartstopper pays a grisly homage to Halloween and Friday the 13th, feel the beat as the body count rises to grizzly effect.

Heart Stopper DVDWatch in terror as two hospitalized young people realise the dilapidated institution in which they reside is stranded by a severe storm. It would be a slight understatement to say that things go from bad to worse when they discover that a maniac is stalking the corridors, butchering patients and staff by punching them through the rib cage and ripping out their still beating hearts.

Heartstopper without doubt demonstrates that each beat may be your last.

“An Electrifying thriller packed with great gore scenes from the guy who did Hellraiser.”
David Miller, Shivers

Release information 5ive Girls
RRP £12.99
Certificate 15
Running Time 93 mins approx
Catalogue No. MP627D
DVD Extras Making of Five Girls Trailers

Release information Heartstopper
RRP £12.99
Certificate 18
Running Time 81 mins approx
Catalogue No. MP625D
DVD Extras Extensive Interviews Trailers

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