Bridget Jones's Diary : Movie Review

Fantastic funny yet charmingly English, Bridget Jones's Diary (2001) worth every penny!

Whether you're with a bunch of girly mates or out on a date, entertainment is most certainly guaranteed. Many women may feel able to identify with Bridget Jones, those who feel less than connected will laugh regardless at the hilarious, but quite possible scenarios which undoubtedly crop up at some point in our lives! The crush on your boss, humiliating moments at work and self -gratifying devilry like drunken debauchery - and smoking may be recognizable traits in ourselves - true life never fails to crack laughter!

Bridget Jones is thirty something, single, smokes like a chimney, drinks like a fish and feels unable to articulate herself with any real thought for the consequences that may follow! Bridget is surrounded by married couples and sickening lovers, yet is unable to retain a decent man for longer than five minutes. She faces constant pressure from her mother (who has just left her father for a very tanned TV presenter), who tries to set her up with Mark Darcy, a family acquaintance (whom Bridget played with in his paddling pool as a child). Bridget has other ideas and falls in love with her handsome bastardly roguish boss, who does more than encourage her affections.

As the story unfolds (or rather spills out), Bridget is left facing dilemmas other than her weight in kilos. Not completely alone, she has her entourage of friends aside her, cheering her up and ready to dish up good (arguable) advice and a few bottles of Chardonnay!

Bridget Jones's Diary (2001), rich in character quality, story lines and subplots. Even the smallest roles are vital, adding generously to the hilarious story line. Renée Zellweger's surprisingly convincing English accent is a credit, along with the fantastic threesome (Bridget's friends), consisting of 'one hit wonder' Tom (James Callis), a once famous, gay pop star from the eighties; brutal with the truth Jude (Shirley Henderson), a small business 'dynamo'; and ever amusing Sharon "Shazza" (Sally Phillips), who swears like there's no f***ing tomorrow! Not forgetting to mention the dashing Daniel (Hugh Grant), who personifies pompous and arrogance, while maintaining the charms of a beautiful baby. He remains in constant battle with stifled Darcy (Colin Firth) a typically communicative cripple, completely unable to express his true feelings for quirky Bridget.

An excellent portrayal of characters by a fantastic cast, alongside a first-rate depiction of Bridget Jones' Diary, cannot fail to humor even the coldest of hearts without the cheese of a soppy wet love story.

Bridget Jones' Diary - make sure to put this film in yours!

Author : Max Willis Of