To celebrate the release of the Special Collectors Edition of City on Fire on April 25th, we are offering you the chance to win one of five copies of the critically acclaimed movie which inspired Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs.

City on FireChow Yun Fat stars as Ko Chow, an undercover cop assigned to infiltrate a gang of ruthless jewel thieves after the officer originally in charge of the case is brutally murdered when his cover is blown. Haunted by his own honour-bound betrayal that led to the death of a criminal friend, Chow wants out of the force but agrees to one last job, after which he has promised to marry his long-suffering girlfriend, Huong (played by Carrie Ng, star of Naked Killer, Sex And Zen and Skinny Tiger And Fatty Dragon).

As he gradually earns the respect of the gang members and their boss, Chow begins to develop a close friendship with one of the thieves, the charismatic Fu (Danny Lee), and is eventually trusted enough to take part in a carefully planned heist. But when the robbery goes horribly wrong, resulting in a bloody shoot-out with the police, suspicions are raised about who the traitor might be…

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