After the Sunset : Movie Review

After the Sunset (2004) - Movie PosterAfter the Sunset is a mess, but it's a breezy, fun mess. No one is ever going to mistake this for great art, but it has a charismatic cast, moves with an effortless pace, and, in the end, almost makes you forget that it doesn't do anything memorable. The film contains elements of a heist movie, a mismatched buddy picture, a sultry romance, and a James Bond thriller. There are all the requisite double-crosses, and a twist at the end that a blind man can see coming. After the Sunset doesn't accomplish any of its aims exceptionally well, but it does them with just enough Úlan to keep the majority of the audience involved and entertained. And, if one's interest starts to wane, there's plenty to look at. Veteran cinematographer Dante Spinotti captures the natural beauty of the Caribbean with almost as much flair as he shoots Pierce Brosnan and Salma Hayek. With two such photogenic actors, no viewer need ever be bored.

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Author : James Berardinelli