Thunderbirds : Facts And Stats


Pilot: Scott Tracy

T1 Stats:

Length: 80 feet
Wingspan: 30 feet
Weight: 140 tons
Maximum speed: 15,000 mph

Thunderbird 1 is International Rescue’s high-speed reconnaissance rocket. Designed to reach disaster zones quickly, this awesome silver-grey spearhead craft is extremely manoeuvrable.


Pilots: Jeff Tracy and Gordon Tracy

T2 Stats:

Length: 150 feet
Wingspan: 110 feet
Weight: 406 tons
Maximum speed: 5,000 mph

Renowned for its power and strength, Thunderbird 2 is the workhorse of the fleet. Piloted by Jeff Tracy and his son Gordon, this massive, green leviathan carries International Rescue’s vital heavy-duty engineering and life-saving equipment, including the versatile mini-sub, Thunderbird 4.


Pilot: Virgil Tracy

T3 Stats:

Length: 175 feet
Main body diameter: 23 feet
Weight: 562 tons
Maximum speed: 5,000 mph

Thunderbird 3 is the space rescue and shuttle craft of the International Rescue organisation. Used for extra-orbital missions, this bright red interstellar rescue rocket also transports supplies to Thunderbird 5.


T4 Stats:

Length: 30 feet
Width: 11 feet
Surface cruising speed: 40 knots
Underwater speed: 160 knots

The smallest of the International Rescue vehicles, Thunderbird 4 is primarily used for underwater emergencies. This versatile mini-sub is discretely carried aboard Thunderbird 2. Whether removing obstacles from the ocean floor or gathering deep-sea eco-samples, Thunderbird 4 is the ultimate underwater reconnaissance craft.


Pilot: John Tracy

T5 Stats:

Length: 270 feet
Diameter: 200 feet
Weight: 976 tons
Reception Range: 100 million miles

Vital to International Rescue’s operations, Thunderbirds 5 is a massive communications satellite in permanent geo-stationery orbit. The heart of the organisation’s communication network, it provides immediate data on all rescue situations. Thunderbird 5 keeps constant vigil over the earth and all four remaining Thunderbirds.

Distributor: UIP
Release Date: 23rd July
Certficate: PG
Running Time: 95 mins