There's Only One Jimmy Grimble : Movie Review

For some reason everyone seems to have a hang up about British films and the fact that they're always low budget and because of that they're not going to be big hits.

With this film they couldn't be further from the truth, it has everything.

Jimmy Grimble (Lewis McKenzie) is a 15 year old boy with a whole world of problems, not least of which is the fact that he's an only child from a broken home, he supports Manchester City in a predominantly Manchester United school and he's about a foot shorter than everyone else.

His only ally is a washed up ex Man-City player, Mr Wirral (Robert Carlyle) who got kicked out of top flight football due to an incident years earlier and now scrapes a living as a games teacher at Jimmy's school.

The main thorn in Jimmy's side goes by the name of Gorgeous (Bobby Power) A 6 foot blonde soccer ace that aspires to be the next Beckham. He spends his time teasing and bullying Jimmy so much so that he is completely isolated from all the other kids.

But all this is about to change when out of the blue he stumbles across an elderly homeless woman who presents him with these so called "Magic Boots" Jimmy's life is about to take a huge turn for the better.

Set in Manchester, this film creates an uncompromising sense of reality which comes from director John Hay's decision to use mainly kids off the streets rather than experienced actors out of drama school. Maybe it's never going to win an Oscar, but what it will do is hit home to anyone who relates to Jimmy's every day problems and knows how much of a struggle it is for teenagers growing up.

In summary I think this film will be a huge hit, but go see for yourself, you won't be disappointed. And if you like Robert Carlyle then he certainly doesn't let himself down in this film.

Score: 8/10

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