Cheaper by the Dozen : Movie Review

Cheaper by the DozenCan someone please pull Steve Martin’s career out of the past? Once wild and crazy, Martin’s now mild and lazy, a cookie-cutter comedian content to milk mediocre laughs out of reheated remakes of classic flicks. Results vary. Martin’s Father of the Bride stayed sweet, while his updated The Out-of-Towners struck a surprisingly unpleasant chord.

Now there’s Cheaper by the Dozen, a stale take on Walter Lang’s 1950s farce of the same name that is based on the real-life story of Frank and Lillian Gilbreth, the parents of 12 children. Here the original Gilbreth becomes Thomas Baker (Martin). Get it? A Baker’s dozen? No, the jokes don’t get much better than that one, unless you laugh when an athletic supporter lands in a pot of spaghetti sauce and Martin bellows, “Pasta de la crotch!”

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Author : Sean O'Connell