Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle : DVD Features

clips from Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle that is coming out on DVD and VHS October 21.

The clips include candid commentary from Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu talking about filming the racey dance scene with the Pussycat Dolls.

Some of the clips include interviews with the various film makers who choreographed many of the fight sequences and explosions.

The girls get a dancing lesson

Dancing lesson, WMP, High-Res

Dancing lesson, WMP, Low-Res

Dancing lesson, Real Player, High-Res

Dancing lesson, Real Player, Low-Res

The intense fighting scenes pushes the film rating to the limit

Fighting scenes, WMP, High-Res

Fighting scenes, WMP, Low-Res

Fighting scenes, Real Player, High-Res

Fighting scenes, Real Player, Low-Res

Blowing up the Chevelle

Chevelle, WMP, High-Res

Chevelle, WMP, Low-Res

Chevelle, Real Player, High-Res

Chevelle, Real Player, Low-Res

Bikini-clad Demi Moore drives off in the Ferrari

Demi Moore, WMP, High-Res

Demi Moore, WMP, Low-Res

Demi Moore, Real Player, High-Res

Demi Moore, Real Player, Low-Res