Hey Arnold! The Movie : Press Release

Nickelodeon's football-headed hero with the funky blond hair, that little blue baseball cap and those adorable ears has come to the big screen, and without a moment to spare. The neighbourhood is in peril and it's up to Arnold and his friends to save it!

Future Tech Industries, a heartless group of developers led by the evil Mr. Scheck, is about to level everything in sight and replace it with a gigantic shopping mall. Approved by the mayor, the redevelopment plan will wipe out a six-square-block radius that includes not only Green's Meats and Jolly Olly's Ice Cream but also Arnold's grandparents, boardinghouse¡K where Arnold lives!

Someone has to muster the courage to stand up to Scheck. Someone has to stop this terrible man who claims to be looking out for the community but is really looking out for his own bank account. And that someone is Arnold. Yes, when just about everybody else is ready to sell out, Arnold steps up to save the day.

With Gerald, his ultra-cool best friend, and Helga, his pigtailed nemesis who's secretly in love with him, Arnold is going to infiltrate Future Tech and show Scheck the real meaning of progress, V finding new joys in an old neighborhood that stands at the heart of their community!

Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies present a Snee-Oosh production in association with Nickelodeon Animation Studios,Hey Arnold! The Movie.¨

The feature is directed by Tuck Tucker and produced by Craig Bartlett and Albie Hecht. The screenplay is written by Craig Bartlett & Steve Viksten, based on the characters created by Craig Bartlett. Marjorie Cohn and Julia Pistor are the executive producers and Steve Viksten serves as co-executive producer. Celebrity voice talent includes Jennifer Jason Leigh, Christopher Lloyd and Paul Sorvino.

Nickelodeon feature film releases include the Academy Award-nominated Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, Rugrats, Snow Day and Rugrats in Paris, among others.

Release Date: 20th December 02
Distributor: UIP
Cert: U
Running Time: 1 Hour 16 minutes