Passengers : Movie Review

Passengers (2016) - Movie Poster
There isn't a grief counselor assisting plane crash survivors in sight, but romantic sci-fi drama "Passengers" nevertheless shares the title of the underappreciated 2008 metaphysical mystery starring Anne Hathaway and Patrick Wilson. Lack of branding imagination aside—and it happens more often than it should in Hollywood (see 2010's ski-lift survival picture "Frozen" and 2013's animated Disney blockbuster of the same name)—director Morten Tyldum (2014's "The Imitation Game") and screenwriter Jon Spaihts (2012's "Prometheus") have made a film with plenty on its mind, even when its methods of saying it do not always live up to their full potential.

Three decades into a 120-year journey to the colony world of Homestead II, a malfunction aboard the Starship Avalon abruptly pulls Jim Preston (Chris Pratt) out of his hibernation sleep. With no way to return to his suspended animation state, he is faced with the terrifying prospect of living the rest of his days with android bartender Arthur (Michael Sheen) his only companion. A year into his new lonesome existence, a desperate Jim begins to mull an unforgivable option: tamper with the pod of fellow passenger Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence) so he will no longer be alone.

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